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Welcome to Bette Nordberg's official web site!

I was hoping you'd stop by! Perhaps the biggest news is the recent release of my latest book, Pure Sex, Great Sex; Discovering God's Best for Marriage PureSexCover

More than a year ago, as 50 Shades of Grey became a cultural phenomenon, I began to ask the question, “How does culture shape a believer’s sense of right and wrong?” That question led to others: “Does God even care about married sex? And, as the world abandons traditional marriage, is a lifetime of married pleasure even possible?” As I studied, I came to believe that a lifetime of great sex is possible, and yes, God does care, very much.

Last year, I began writing about what I had discovered. I beta-tested my work with a group of willing young women, all young and eager to work on this area of their lives. I spent a winter rewriting. I gathered a team of experts and editors and voila! A study is born.

Using Biblical truth, modern medicine and hard-earned wisdom, this frank study of married sexuality will help women to discover the secrets to lasting sexual fulfillment. I'm so excited about this new project that I've devoted an entire website to the details, including a brief description of every chapter, comments from previous readers, and information about how to purchase the book. You'll also find generous discounts for study groups! So if you'd like to understand:

You'll want to visit the new website:

I'll see you there! But there is more to this site than that one book. Check out this important information:

Books and Blogs:

On these pages, you'll find links to all my books, old and new, including a first chapter excerpt. I've included the backstory behind my titles, and links for purchasing books. From this welcome page, you'll be able to follow my new blog, which covers my Thru-the-Bible Experiment (now two years old), Bette's Culture Comments, Challenges, and Updates on the writing, speaking and publishing process.

Photo Gallery:

In my photo gallery, you can get a birds-eye-view of my world. Here, I've included pictures of our family and our activities, as well as the crazy antics of our friends and church family. You can even see how "the walking girls" have changed over twenty years of walking daily. We're holding our own, I think.


If you know me, you know that speaking to groups is one of my most favorite activities. I'm more gifted as a teacher than a writer, and I cherish the times I get to share truth with an audience. On this page, you'll find some recommendations from past audiences, and, you'll find links to my speaking website on this page as well.

Contact Me:

Where would I be without you, my dear friends and readers? I am genuinely humbled whenever someone tells me they read and enjoyed one of my books. It gives me so much pleasure. I treasure your feedback, and I've saved some of your emails for many years now. I read them whenever the going gets rough. Thank you for that! As always, I'm anxious to hear what you think of my latest works, and look forward to those letters and emails. Please, keep them coming. You can contact me here as well.

Jeremiah: A Bright Light in a Dark Season: Though it's been out for some time, the reviews for this Bible Study have been great. It's recently been translated into French and German. If you'd like to know more about this unusual study, click here.