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Over the years, I've done a lot of writing. . .

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genoa bay cover

Genoa Bay

When Brandy Beauchamp first showed up at Maggie's place, she was nothing more than a kid - lost, forgotten, unwanted. Twenty years later, she finds herself lost again, a widow with a child of her own. When Maggie leaves the house at Genoa Bay to Brandy, she feels a glimmer of hope. Can Brandy move back to Canada, restore the old house and make a new life for herself and her daughter? Or will the power of money and progress keep her from the life she hopes to create? Can Brandy resist the treachery, adversity and misfortune about to cloud her path?

They say you can never go home again; the question is - can you make a new one? Or, are we destined to forever remain the child we once were?

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season of grace

Season of Grace

He needs a miracle - she needs another chance. Colleen Payton hasn't heard from Stephen, her twin brother and childhood confidant, in more than five years. Her busy life, full of children, piano students, and the responsibilites of home, can't quite cover her sense of betrayal and loss. No wonder Colleen is baffled when Stephen unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep to attend a family birthday celebration.

When the party goes badly, Stephen storms from the house and Colleen spends weeks grieving over this lost opportunity to restore their wounded relationship. Why had he come in the first place? Unable to reach him by phone, she follows him to Seattle, where she finds him deathly ill.

Desperate to help, she invites Stephen to her home, where she cares for his physical and emotional needs. In the process, Colleen strains some of her most precious relationships. Can her marriage stand the test of Stephen's illness? Can the church and her children find compassion for this stranger who has come to live among them? Can Colleen do anything to change the course of Stephen's life?

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pacific hope

Pacific Hope

The San Francisco Bay area dawns a typical day, sunshine, cool breezes, then rain, on the afternoon that Kate Langton's entire world is set off-kilter. Successful in their careers and happily ensconced in the empty-nest stage of life, Kate and Mike's twenty-six year marriage has settled into a comfortable, if somewhat predictable routine.

A package in the mail shatters the world they have created together. Kate walks out the door, certain their marriage is over, and wondering if her faith in God will ever be the same. Mike, devastated by what has happened to their relationship determines to win back his wife, whatever the cost, even though his company appears on the brink of a criminal investigation. A voyage in the Pacific seems to be the answer he seeks, but will Kate agree to sail with a husband she no longer trusts?

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detours cover


Nothing prepared Callie for the way a little boy would entangle himself in her heartstrings. At 34, Callie O'Brian discovers again that the road of life is full of bends and unexpected detours. A single woman trying to operate two businesses, she suddenly finds herself caring for four-year-old Keeshan as his mother and Callie's best friend - Celia Hernandez, lies in the hospital fighting for her life.

Though Callie loves Keeshan and wants to care for him until Celia recovers, nothing has perepared her for parenting, and at first her mistakes outnumber her successes. Then, just as life is beginng to regain some normalcy, Marcus Jefferson arrives in town, claiming to be Keeshan's uncle and seeking customdy of his nephew. . .

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Serenity Bay cover

Serenity Bay

A charming island village in the Puget Sound seems the perfect place for Patricia and Russell Koehler to raise their family. And, the slow pace might be just the thing to bring the peace and quiet Patricia longs for. In Serenity Bay, Patricia discovers a wonderful friend in Susan, a woman as outgoaing as Patricia is shy.

Yet all is not as it seems, and the Koehlers are not the perfect couple. When Susan discovers Patricia's secret agony, things begin to change. Susan's love and support give Patricia hope, but neither woman is prepared for the consequences unleashed by revealing the truth. This moving story deals with contemporary family issues straight from today's headlines.

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thin air

Thin Air

A tragic accident. . . Blizzard conditions. . . Dangerous Mountain Terrain. . . And the only man who can help has become her worst enemy. . .

As a wife, a mother of three, and a respected wildlife biologist, Beth Cheng is well equipped to tackle the various challenges that come each day. But when survivor is suddenly added to the roles she must assume, Beth isn't certain she has what it takes to make it out alive.

From the author of Serenity Bay and Pacific Hope comes one woman's desperate struggle for survival against both the forces of nature and the man who is ddriven to make her disappear. Rereleased in 2013.

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hundred days

100 Days

Imagine for a moment you wake up in the same old bed, only to discover everything around you has completely changed. People speak a foreign language. The rules are different. The familiar has been turned upside down. Confused and disoriented, you're dtermined to make your way through...

That's the way life feels for a new believer as they begin their walk of faith. Though everything looks the same, they feel like aliens. Confronted with traditions and expecations they don't understand, s ome give up.

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Jeremiah cover


You might ask, "How can the content of a book written nearly twenty-five hundred years ago have anything to do with me?" The truth is that Jeremiah's prephetic words regarding God's people are just as relevant today as the day they were written.

The Book of Jeremiah; A Bright Light in a Dark Season is a Bible study that will encourage you to live with the tenacity and obedience of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah. During this eight week interactive study, you will discover the truths revealed by different voicees and learn to identify exactly who is speaking. Of special importance are God's personal words of encouragement to Jeremiah, God's servant, and those messages which reveal God's own feelings and relationship with the people of Judah, Babylon and the surrounding nations.

Nearly every page of this study is enhanced by historical, contemporary, and archeological sidebars.

Transport yourself into Jeremiah's time. Learn about his cultureand his people and come to understand their prevailing attitude toward God, the fear surrounding their everyday lives, and their many struggles in an era of international instability. Most importantly, soak inthe many challenging applications the Book of Jeremiah offers people today.

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When the war is over

When the War is Over

There are some things people don't get over easily, pain from a traumatic past is one of them.

Trauma changes people; it changes values, priorities, world views, and most of all, it changes how we relate to others. Painful, life-threatening experiences take people beyond the normal day-to-day life, leaving them stuck behind defensive walls that keep them from the healthy, nourishing relationships they long for.

So how does it happen? How do we lose the loving closeness with those around us? And better yet, how do we re-gain what pain has robbed from us?

When the War Is Over is not only a book about personal trauma, it is required reading for anyone serious about restoring relationships with those they love.

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Evangeline McNeill wasn't your ordinary woman. With saintly grit, faith and trust in God, this newly widowed mother of two guided the Cannon Beach Conference Center from remote and unknown camp to a premier Christian retreat center. This story traces her life from the immigrant child of a successful evangelist, to popular musician and evangelist, to wife of beloved Portland Pastor, Archie McNeill. When Archie is killed in a car accident, Evangeline faces the toughest choice of her life. Would she give up the dream they shared? Or, would she stand up to the opposition and take on the job of developing the conference center? With surprising choices at every turn, Evangeline's story will inspire and challenge everyone who wants to be used of God.

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