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One of the great joys in my life is speaking. . .

. . . to all kinds of audiences, all over the United States.

Whether large or small, weekend retreats or one-hour workshops, inspirational Key Note speaches, or simple teaching, I thrive on the opportunity to help groups make small steps toward the deeper life.

I know how tough it is to find the right speaker for your event. So, I've published a websight with you in mind.

You can find everything you ever wanted to know about me, plus download a free event-plannning guide. I also feature a downloadable tip sheet for matching a prospective speaker with your group. There is nothing worse than having your event fail because of a poor speaker choice.


Visit me at:

To Visit Bette's Speaking Website, Click here:

What previous audiences have said:

I truly enjoyed your message and how it was presented. It's so nice to laugh and enjoy the company of other women!

Tracey Hopkins, Gig Harbor

Thank you so much for your part in our Festival of Tables at Chapel Hill Church. Everyone, including myself, thought you were a wonderful speaker. I am the person that was mistaken for you, your sister and your mother. Joanne Williams, Gig Harbor.

Bette possesses excellent audience report...A great writer doesn’t always guarantee a great speaker and Bette is both…Pamala Vincent, Eagle Creek, Oregon (Oregon Christian Writers

Bette is a delight to listen to and a bundle of energy. One moment you are laughing and the next you are quietly and intently listening, as she brings home a point to contemplate in your life of faith, in Jesus. The women at Chapel Hill loved her and I would recommend Bette for any women’s program in their church or club.
Sandy Jasper, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church.

Our speaker last night was Bette Nordberg, a local Bethany author, talking about plotting. You should consider having her sometime at WTP. She is great! She has loads of energy and wonderful teaching style. The audience wanted her to keep going (but Lydia made her close). She shows how to make the standard plot line work powerfully by thinking of plot in a circular fashion. She teaches specific ways to escalate and descend plot, how to look for ideas and characters-- and I know given more time she would have tons more to share. You could tell she was overflowing with things she had discovered and wanted to share it with us. So often when I sit in fiction classes (outside of maybe Ken's) the speaker seems to be holding back his or her secrets. I learn a lot but, you feel like they don't want competition or want to let go of what really works. Bette couldn't share what she had discovered fast enough. I think she would be a good fit for WTP.
Carla Williams, President, Northwest Christian Authors

"Bette is energetic, observant, and fun loving. Through her abundant use of Scripture and personal testimony we were encouraged to trust our God, His who is might, in the every day of life."
Jean Britt, Pastors wife @ Bible Chapel, Auburn, Washington

I liked Bette immediately. Her charismatic personality and down-to-earth style not only kept my attention, but I found myself wanting more. Her passion for the craft of writing is empowering. I left feeling I, too, could pursue my dreams and make it happen.
Kerrie Hubbard, Portland, Oregon

I so appreciated your classes and the time to just chat with you. I
ordered the CDs of the 2 classes and listened to them a few times.
Your classes helped me a great deal.
Julie, Portland, Oregon