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Please feel free to drop me a line. Whether you'd like to comment on a book, ask a question, or contact me for speaking and teaching requests, I love to hear from you. Writing is a very lonely life!

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I've gotten some great comments from readers. I've chosen to share some here:


"I am completely undone by the annointed words in your book, A Season of Grace. . . It showed me how judgemental I was toward people in every aspect of my life."


"I am a long time, voracious reader of Christian books. When I
complete a book I put a personal rating of 0-10 in the front for my personal
use. I very rarely put a 10... I can't remember the last time I did. But
your book "Serenity Bay" captivated me! I was fascinated by your characters
and the story you told."

"I have just finished reading Serenity Bay.  It is SUPERB, EDUCATIONAL, EXCITING and PHENOMINAL.  This book should be on Oprah’s Book Club List.  It should be read by not only those persons involved with domestic violence but by every person who is associated with or works for Federal, State or Local governments and who come in contact with or are responsible to work with and for the public, especially those individuals who need protection and/or personal assistance.  I have asked Lucy to read the book and also to consider submitting it for reading by her book club."

About the Jeremiah Bible Study. . .

"We have published some outstanding FG studies of late, but I think yours is the very best written FG book to date and definitely the most interesting to read. I remember having a major prophets course in college with a very scholarly but dry and monotone-voiced, lecture-style professor. I remember it as a yawner course that bored me to tears. You have made Jeremiah much, much more interesting, and I got so much more out of it than I got from that college course that cost me hundreds of dollars. I have a feeling many other readers of your book will find the study just as interesting and informative."


"Take this advice from your sister-in-Christ, a life-time honors student and professor who has read EVERY piece of Christian fiction in the market (Blackstock, Morris, Kingsbury, etc.)  NO ONE HAS EVER TOUCHED MY HEART LIKE YOU!"