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Thin Air,

A Novel, by Bette Nordberg

Not long ago, I chaperoned a group of teens on a Chicago band trip. In the middle of the night, I made an emergency run to a local hospital with one of our students. The EMT made small talk as he tried to start an IV. "You're from Washington State," he said. "You have more Viet Nam vets hiding in the woods in Washington than any other state in the nation."

I couldn't believe his story. When I got home, I set out to find the truth. The result was the book, Thin Air.

When Thin Air was first published by Bethany House Publishers, it sold out in a remarkably short period; in fact, it happened so quickly that I was unable to buy remainder copies! I loved that story, and wanted to make sure others would have a chance to enjoy both its suspense and underlying message of hope. In order to make that happen, I hired a cover artist and reprinted a limited number of copies.

You might consider this an apt gift for a friend! You can buy it from me simply by ordering via Paypal on this page.Paypal is both simple and secure. If you don't have a paypal account, you should! This allows you to pay for items all over the web with security and confidence. You can set up a Paypal account here.

Here is what you'll find on the back cover:

"When wildlife biologist and mother of three, Beth Chen heads out for a routine flight around Mt. Rainier, she hopes to finish her latest field report. But after a tragic plane crash kills everyone else on board, Beth must fight to overcome both harsh terrain and brutal weather conditions to survive. Just as her injuries leave her most vulnerable, Beth falls into the hands of a peculiar mountain man. Will this unhinged stranger help her return to her family? Or will he become Beth's worst enemy?"

Just to be sure, you can read the whole first chapter here:

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